Day trip in Kolmården 2

With an extra day off before the weekend and nice weather in the forecast we decided to take trip out in the woods of Kolmården! We traveled by car on small logging roads until we find a small lake with a perfect area to relax in.

And what a view we got!



Mister J started to prepared the fire pit while the rest of the gang collected fire wood and just enjoyed the scenery. All supervised by Lady L (the dog).




The moment we all have waited for: lunch time!



The backpack of the day was the Swedish Army LK35. A great pack for day trips, one big compartment that makes it easy to fill with food and other gear you need!



After the nice lunch break we took the road out of the forest and back to the small village Kvarsebo. I can really recommend a day trip in this area using the ferries to take you over Bråviken. While waiting for the ferry we made a visit to the café called Strandcafét. Good time for some ice cream 🙂



On the way back home we passed lovely colza fields! A nice day trip has come to an end, have a nice day all of you!



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