A custom made knife by Stephen Wade Cox

For some time now I have been thinking of getting myself a custom made knife. During the years I have used different types of knives, and for me there is no such thing that one knife to fit all tasks! But some come close, that’s for sure! One of the last years most popular knife styles is proabably the Woodlore used by Ray Mears. It’s hard to say someting bad about that design when it comes to bushcraft related tasks! After the popular Woodlore (by Alan Wood) the Ray Mears Bushcraft knife is now made by Stephen Wade Cox. I contacted Stephen and asked him to make me a custom made knife based on the bushcraft knife design. He was very helpful and we decided to go for a 4 mm thick O1 Tool steel blade with tapered tang. The scales was made of maple with nice red liners! I must say that Stephen has made a really beautiful knife! I had it out to do some wood cutting tasks this weekend and it performed great! Take care and hope you all will have some time to go outdoors, even if it now here in Sweden starts to get cold and dark 🙂


SWC bushcraft knife

SWC knife on hestra gloves

Here is a video from my day out in the woods!


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