Monthly Archives: April 2015

Day Hike | Rain and Fire 1

After some heavy rain it was finally time to go hiking! As always, the weather gives you some new perspectives! In this video the focus was to explore some new areas of the forest and because the 10 hour of raining had made the forest very damp and wet it was a perfect time to test fire making with only a fire steel and what the forest gave us!  

Day Hike | Winter Hike with bushcraft lunch

It was a beautiful day in January and we hiked through the woods to find a nice lake for our campsite. The temperature was -3 C and it was just perfect conditions for a day hike! During the hike we needed to collect wood, process it and do some batoning with my ESEE 4 knife, and with a good help from the Laplander saw we got a nice campsite and […]